We're all unique. It makes sense that your estate planning should be too.

But why choose us?

Our purpose is what makes us different.

We are here to bring focus and certainty to what matters most to you: ensuring that what you want to happen will actually happen and keep the things you own safe for the people you love.

We understand that to achieve this, it often takes more than just putting the right documents in place, which is why we build a life-long relationship with you, connect your family to your planning and invest in market-leading technology so that it delivers exactly what you want it to for those you care about, wherever you are at in your life's journey.
There's more to estate planning

We don't just provide documents, we build relationships.

As people, we are all unique and each of us come with our own specific set of life circumstances, which often change throughout our lifetime.  Our goal is to provide 100% of the things you own for the people you love, and we know it takes a bespoke and long-term approach to ensure that your Planning does what it should at any given point in time. 

We provide an unrivalled lifetime Estate Planning service to deliver:


It’s not just about how much we are leaving to our loved ones, it’s how we leave it to them that matters most. This is why we happily invest our own time in providing you with free industry-leading reporting and guidance so that you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, should you need to.

Even if now is not the right time, we will always be on hand to advise and prepare any planning at any point in the future.
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How will you know if your Estate Planning needs updating or if changes in circumstances have placed your loved ones’ inheritance at risk? It’s not always easy to tell.

As a minimum, we check in throughout the entire life of your Planning with our free MOT and update service to ensure that it will perform as it should. Plus, when you become a digital member, you can access all of our planning tools at any point that suits you.
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Our long-term promise doesn’t just stop at our personal relationship with you. Supporting the people you will rely on to ensure your wishes are respected is just as important as any Estate Planning Documentation you might have.

By involving those you care about in your Planning at an early stage, we can ensure that any administration is handled in the correct way, with as little stress or burden as possible.
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Who are we for?

We like to think that we are for everyone, and we understand that when it comes to looking after multiple generations, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ subject. Whether you are wealthy with a large family or you just own one thing and love one person, we take a tailored, holistic approach to make sure you leave the legacy you want.
FIND out morE about who we are for

Business Owners

The right succession plan so that those you love will get the benefit of what you’ve built.

Empty Nesters

For those just starting out, you’ll want to make sure that no matter what life throws at them, their inheritance will be safe.


Keeping it in the family and with a focus on a generational bloodline inheritance.

Single Parents

Organising not only your assets and finances but also those you will rely on.

Step Families

Diverse solutions to match the diversity of modern families.

Young Families

Making sure there is enough, it does what you want it to, and the right people are left in charge.

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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to put the right planning in place, at a time that suits them. This is why we've made it possible for anyone to create a free account in our member's area, without the need to be an existing customer. Simply sign up below to access our full suite of free planning tools, MOT check-ups and reports, and a wealth of news and expert advice.

Plus, when you connect with your family inside your account, you gain the peace of mind that all the 'what ifs' are taken care of.